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The Determined Girl (Maui x Reader) 6
Warning(s): None.
Title: The Determined Girl
Number in Series: Six
Pairing: Maui x Reader
Fandom: Disney/Moana
Word Count: 1,058
    The two of you made it safely back to the boat. You were quickly back on the boat and sailing on the beautiful sea. It was so relaxing to be back on the sea instead of that terrible realm. It was a bright day out, which caused the water to sparkle. It looked so good and nice. You just wanted to relax near it. You knew it would be lovely to just swim in the water, not a care in the world. 
    You were laying on your back, looking up at the calm sky. You looked at the clouds and tried to make shapes out of them. While you were finding animals in the clouds, Maui was busy navigating the ship. The two of you hadn't spoken since you left the realm of Monsters. You didn't care. The silence helped you calm down. You could hear bird cawing in the distance and the waves lapping at the edge of your boat. 
    You w
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Hitachiin Twins x Injured!Reader: One Step Forward
Part Four
"So this is it." You whispered.
The large, ornately decorated gates of Ouran loomed before you. Beyond that lay the freshly painted walls of the school, complete with sprawling archways and breezeways, lush gardens, and at least a dozen fountains. No doubt the inside was as splendid and elegant as its appearance outside. 
It had taken much convincing to get you transferred, but a good word upon Kyouya's part had convinced your teachers, and they had written you glowing recommendations to Ouran. It had only taken a week for you to receive your uniform and class schedule. Now, it was time to see if the recommendations were truly worth transferring to the affluent school. 
Already, students were beginning to arrive, most parking in front of the school in luxury cars, stepping out in crisp ironed uniforms. Such was the case for you also, save the luxury car and all. Instead, a simple van had been provided to help your transit. As the driver set your whe
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I don't know if I should start writing on here and if I do it'll be Raphael and michangelo x reader senarios sooooo comment if I should
I don't know if I should start writing on here and if I do it'll be Raphael and michangelo x reader senarios sooooo comment if I should


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